Police arrest Badoo herbalist in Ogun state


The Lagos State Police Command made a major breakthrough in the fight against the dreaded Badoo cult involved in ritual killings with the arrest of a 34 year old Fatai Adebayo, identified as the herbalist of the group yesterday.

According to a report on PUNCH NEWSPAPER, the police group that made the arrest was led by the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohim. The arrest was carried out at the shrine of the suspect, Fatai Adebayo, in Imosan, Odogbolu, Ogun state where members of the group allegedly go for fortification and swearing of oath.

“Over the weekend, we had far-reaching achievements in the fight against these killers in Ikorodu, who some people call Badoo. The head of the group has been arrested. We arrested him on the waterways as he was escaping. All suspects are with us. One of them confessed that before they go for any killing, the head would take them to the herbalist to swear an oath.

“According to him, they didn’t go for any killing without taking oaths in the shrine. The herbalist is an accomplice” CP Edgal told reporters.

Evidence were gathered at the shrine before it was demolished by the police team.

Aba Festival, Igara

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