Craving a flat tummy? Here are seven simple ways to get rid of stomach fat!


Not so many people – ladies especially – love the sight of their stomach getting in the way of their feet every time they look down, and some go to extra lengths to prevent this from happening.

If you belong to this category of people, Bloomshire has compiled seven tips on how to maintain a flat tummy.

Empty your bowel frequently: Ever noticed how bloated your belly looks when you resist/ignore nature’s call? That is an obvious warning that your refusal has an adverse effect. It is generally advised that one uses the convenience as soon as nature comes knocking to prevent a bulging stomach.

Chew your food: This may seem simple and almost negligible but if you think of it carefully, you would see that many people rush the chewing process while eating and end up swallowing large particles of food. Eating fast and hasting the chewing process opens up the chance of swallowing air which in turn leads to a protruding stomach. Enjoy your meal, chew your food properly and help your body break down the food to prevent flatulence.

Consume probiotic foods: Wondering what probiotic means? Well, they are beneficial microorganisms that aid digestion process among other things. Probiotics can be obtained from fermented foods like yoghurt, pap (ogi), soya bean milk, local cheese (wara) etc. They help prevent indigestion and reduce risk of having a bloated stomach.

Walk the talk: For some minutes daily, shun your car (if you own one) and walk. If your workplace is a trek-able distance from your home, make it a point of duty to walk to work on some days of the week. Walking is immensely beneficial as it speeds up metabolism – which in turn helps burn belly fat efficiently.

Eat fruits with high water content: Aside the obvious nutritional benefits; fruits with high water content like orange and watermelon fills the stomach faster, therefore kills the urge to eat other things and store up extra calories as fat.

Straighten up: Stand tall! Stand straight! According to Kim Lyons, “when your posture is good, you are automatically engaging and toning your stomach  muscle”. Strong stomach muscles make your tommy look flatter. Try not to slouch when standing or sitting as it leaves the stomach loose and bulging.

Reduce salt and sugar intake: Most of us will not like to hear this but, high sugar intake increases belly fat and so does salt. Total avoidance does have nutritional implications but as with everything in life, moderation is key.

Report by Popoola Faith


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