Fake people turn me off – Mr Tourism Nigeria


Last week, we ran into Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador, 2015, Clinton Okponaviobo. We had a brief interview with him. During the exclusive chat with our correspondent, Adamson Falilat, the 400 Level International Studies and Diplomacy student of Benson Idahosa Unviersity,talked about his experience during the competition, his ongoing projects and his plans for the future.

   Bloomshire Nigeria: Can you tell us more about you, your family and educational background?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well, my name is Clinton Okponaviobo,  I’m an only child of Cyril Okponaviobo. I’m a 400 level student of Benson Idahosa university studying International Studies and Diplomacy.
My inspiration to contest for Mr Tourism Nigeria 2015 was simple… I actually went for exposure as I was an upcoming model. And was eager to pursue my passion “modelling” and show business.

Bloomshire Nigeria: What was your experience like during the competition? Give us an insight into the pre-pageant activities and behind-the-scenes incidents. Any saccharine moments you would like to share?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well, Mr Tourism experience was awesome. In 2015, we had a bush camp, it was difficult but fun. The CEO, Zanzy gave us countless tasks to do which made the camp fun and enjoyable but still difficult.
On the first day in the bush camp, we were given a task to climb a palm tree and who ever climbed highest becomes the captain of the house. I was made assistant captain that day. We were also given other tasks; one of which was to build our huts with leaves and palm tree thingy. Generally, it was fun. Behind-the-scene, we played, laughed, got angry, had our bath in the stream among other games etc. I remember I once saw a snake when I went to look for leaves and materials to complete a task  of “making a creative costume with things in the Forest”  and I ran off.

Also, eviction nights weren’t funny. They were scary. In as much as you got tired of camp and want to leave, you still didn’t want to be nominated for eviction.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Tell us something the world doesn’t know about you

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: I can’t swim and I am a very good cook plus the world thinks all I do is modelling, model instructor, presenting  and event planning, but its far more than that, I love shoe business… I’m an actor and do anything that has to do with showbiz  apart from music and dancing.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Are you in a relationship?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well, not quite.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Expatiate please because I know there will be a million and one girls waiting to hear this. Should ladies start turning in their application letters?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well, I’m not into any relationship at the moment…

Bloomshire Nigeria: Which agencies, brands, or people have you worked for?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: I’ve worked for Zanzy Entertainment @zanzyentertainment, Kelsodi @miss_tertiary_institution_ng, Miss Urobo, Connex Nigeria @connexng etc.

Bloomshire Nigeria: During your one year reign what project(s) did you do?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well, I was able to plan and organise  events like  Ankafrik Fashion Show and Mr and Miss BIU. Also, I was able to start my own modelling agency where I train models. The name of the brand is called “Xclusive models”

Bloomshire Nigeria: How would you describe your personal style?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: I’m simple, my dress style is smart casual and corporate simple.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: In few years, I see myself as being known around the world, as a living icon… To be specific, in 5 years time.

Bloomshire Nigeria:  Your major turnoff?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Pride, fake people and lies.

Bloomshire Nigeria: If you could be any animal in the world what animal ll it be and why?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Cheetah because I want to be fast, flexible and unpredictable.

Bloomshire Nigeria: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: I was asked for ticket at a show I was invited to.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Describe color yellow to someone who is blind.

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Bright as the sun.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Blind???

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: That’s quite tricky. I don’t know.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Do you see this as a career or you have something else planned out for you?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Well you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, because if the basket falls you lose all your eggs. So in essence, No. It’s just a part of the things i plan to do.

Bloomshire Nigeria: Should we be looking forward to seeing you in other contests?

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Not anytime soon…

Bloomshire Nigeria: Thank you for your time sir

Mr Tourism Nigeria Ambassador: Thank you too.

Interview by Adamson Falilat

Aba Festival, Igara