Eid-el-Fitri: Celebration continues as fun-lovers storm Kada Plaza


From our reports yesterday on how Muslims in Benin City celebrated Eid-El-Fitri in Benin City, anyone could easily tell that the whole affair was lit! However, if you, for a slight moment, think that the fun is over, then you need to erase the thought as fast as it crossed your mind.

The holidays spanned Saturday to Tuesday and, as is apparent, people in the hippy city of Benin are bent on enjoying it down to the last minute!

Right after Bloomshire left the playing ground on Sunday, we continued our coverage of the celebration by visiting what is considered the biggest relaxation and entertainment and relaxation center in Benin; Kada Plaza. And trust us if we say we haven’t seen the building as crowded as it was on Monday, June 26 2017.

It was obvious that the crowd was not just because of the public holiday but also because of the festive period as Muslims stormed the mall in groups of friends and family to celebrate and make merry.

The management of Kada Plaza must have smiled to the bank at the end of the day as every cinema hall was filled to the brim, irrespective of the movie on display as some people, perhaps for the first time, tried to get the ‘cinema experience’.

Walking around wasn’t easy as the walkways and entire floors of the building were filled with people who walked about admiring things, taking photographs or just chatting with friends.

While some settled for the cinema experience, others decided to eat at the Chinese restaurant, shop or give their kids a treat at the gaming center.

Speaking to some of the people in a bid to understand the massive turnout despite the economic downturn presently witnessed in the country, they explained that the Eid-el-Fitri celebration –unlike Sallah where Muslims kill rams and entertain guests from far and near in their homes — is often observed modestly with immediate family members with thanks and gratitude to God. And thus, most families often decide to spend it away from home in a relaxed and exciting environment which places like Kada Plaza provides.

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