Baguettes and nine other bags every woman should know and easily identify


Bags are a must for women; from the small handy ones to the really big ones. They come in different sizes and shapes and each is uniquely designed to suit different outfit and occasions.

It’s a fashion item that cannot be avoided so it’s important as a female to know the types of bags and their names, in case you want to describe, buy or order a bag.

To this end, Bloomshire has put together a list of bag types with picture to make it easy.

Back packs

They are a modern and fashionable version of schoolbags. Its upgraded design makes it open to everyone, irrespective of age. It is also suitable for informal outings, and dressy in its unique kind of way.

With a Tee shirt, jean and sneakers, you are good to go to the mall.


These bags take us back in time. Though it is from way back and represents the old school, it is still part of fashionable styles. Small, compact and rectangular; it can be adapted for either formal or informal events like an evening outing or dinner. The color and pattern of the bag determines the accompanying dressing.



Designed after the bags used for carrying bowling balls, a bowler is a satchel that resembles the upper half of a sphere. Over the years, more beautiful designs have emerged. It is best to use to the office, and can also be carried to semi-formal outings.



This bag is mostly made of amazingly fine leathers and it is also very durable. In semblance of a bucket, it has a rounded bottom, taller than its width, has a string to close instead of zip, sometimes reversible, inner purse that can be detachable and a long strap that is usually adjustable. It is suitable for formal or semi-formal occasions.



Definitely for evenings and parties, a clutch is a very small bag with detachable tiny chain straps but without handles. It is either held in hand or carried under the armpit.

Cross body


Usually small in size and worn around the body to free the hands.


Small handbag, purse-like but with a short carrying strap resembling bracelet.


Large handbag with parallel long handles that emerges from the sides of the pouch. It can either be made of sturdy cloth, canvas or thick leather. Very comfortable to carry because of its light weight, and takes a lot of load. It is usually shapeless and is finer with a lot of load in it.

Doctor bag

Traditionally called a “BOX BAG”, it is designed after a physician’s bag. The fashionable one is a portable box with zippered or hook-and-loop opening. It can be made from various materials, and also comes in various designs that can include many pockets and pouches.


It’s like the bigger version of a clutch, rectangular or square shaped flat bag with a triangle shape top flap that folds over like an envelope.

Frame bag

A vintage bag, looks like a money purse and has a hook-and-loop opening most times.


Long strapped, crescent shaped bag designed to wear over the shoulder. It also has a slouchy posture.


Small evening bag. Looks exactly like a clutch but it has a hard case and it is usually covered in stones and beads

Duffel bag

A large cylindrical bag made of coarse woollen cloth used to carry personal things especially when travelling.

Story by Adamson Falilat

Aba Festival, Igara

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