Concerning a trio of weddings in Benin


Weddings in Edo feed the memory with such indelible scenarios that they have come to mean a lot to those involved, Beautifully enough, with as little as N25, you can secure the rights to marry a beautiful woman in Edo State.

This is not general though; it is just in some parts of the state. However, predominantly, the people are simply gorgeous to look upon and they know how to look dapper.

Bloomshire’s lenses went to town in the ancient city of Benin on a day when the weather was fair and the gowns were white. It was a Saturday – a good day to splice your betrothed.

Lo, there in the cream coloured suit is Godwin, with his innamorata, Ify, and flanked by ‘parently-looking’ folk.

They got married on the Saturday that was a good day to get wed, at the Youth House Event Centre along Akpakpava Road.

While his beloved Ify looks comfortable before the lenses, Godwin’s demeanour is a shy one. Yet, his joy at being spliced with Ify beams through his reserved demeanour, hence the smile on their faces.

LOVE LEVEL: 60% – 80%

SLAY LEVEL: 70% – 80%

After a tolerably convivial time with Ify and Godwin, we found our lens pointing at Gift and Fred somewhere along Osamwonyi Street, Off Oghobaghase in New Benin.

Yes, there are many questions to answer here! Bloomshire will not spoon-feed you though. The cake, nevertheless, looks significantly more intimidating than the love they share.

Was Gift just too angry to slay? Or did Fred offend her as his mischievously handsome grin, contrasting his spouse’s scowl, suggests?

Well, we never can tell. Such is life. One thing we sure can say is that this unhappy-looking pair are not going to score highly in our history books.

LOVE LEVEL: 20% – 30%

SLAY LEVEL: 30% – 31%

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Benin, around Ugbor, the reserved Collins with a piercing gaze was busy tying the nuptial knot with the equally reserved-looking Precious when Bloomshire’s lenses came snapping them.

Neither of them appear to be given to loquacity, but their cake speaks volumes. Collins is a man that likes the colour white, and his bow tie is in agreement with this.

Precious does not look unhappy to be wedding him, and they seem like they have been together for so long that their friendship just permanently sealed itself in Holy Matrimony. These ones were married to each other in the depths of their hearts before this official affair.



Aba Festival, Igara

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