For Muslimahs: Good tips on how to look fascinating for the Eid celebration


Get in here, Muslimahs! After about 30 days of fasting, Eid is almost upon us! The countdown has switched from days to hours, and Bloomshire is certain most of you are already making plans on how to make lots of Duas and celebrate with family and friends.

As part of plans for the celebration, some of us already have our outfit figured out while others are still confused on what to wear. Either way, Bloomshire has put together a collection of fashion styles for Eid to save you the stress of pondering over what to wear.

Gone are the days Muslimahs have to try hard to be modest and still look good. With the new trends in fashion that has provided a long list of choices to pick from, you have no excuse not to look pretty and still be modest.

You can wear Kimono, Abaya, Kaftan, Long gowns skirts and tops in a million ways and still look chick and classy. Though the list seems exhaustive, the good thing is these outfits can be styled in so many ways.

Also, carefully select your head cover. It is not only a compulsory and important part of our clothing; it can also spice up our look depending on how we use them. Remember, plain scarves with patterned clothes and vice versa. You can also use your head cover to either tone down your look or brighten it, that is bright coloured scarves with dark coloured clothes; depending.

Consider using accessories such as bracelets, rings, brooch, necklace and beautiful hijab pins – without forgetting footwear and henna designs to beautify the nails, hands and legs.

That way, you are good to go!


Story by Adamson Falilat

Aba Festival, Igara

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