From a brief meeting at the Airport, to the altar – the beautiful story of Osasere & Uyi


Who says one cannot find love anywhere? Bloomshire begs to disagree because we are pretty sure that five years ago when Italy – based OSASERE FRIDAY was coming to Nigeria for a visit, she didn’t plan to meet handsome UYI IYOMOHAN at Benin Airport, not much fall in love.

But today, in a classy and unique attire made from different shades of blue, she swore an oath to be his wife at the Registry in Oredo Local Government, Benin City.


Wearing a radiant smile that could mislead an undiscerning individual to mistake for the best lady, the bride, Osasere, was waiting to be called in when Bloomshire approached her for a quick chat. And boy, the quick chat lasted for a while as she happily recounted their journey up until that point.

The meeting of the two has ‘fate’ written all over it as Uyi only went to pick a friend at the local airport in Benin City when Osasere ran into him in 2012. And like a hand in glove, they both fit. Six months later, they began a love relationship and early this year, Uyi shocked Osasere when he popped the question at a bar. The proposal was a bit dramatic as Uyi feigned annoyance over a slight issue that, ordinarily, he would have dismissed. Just as Osasere was about to leave in annoyance, she was put out of her misery as Uyi fell on one knee and with a beautiful ring on his palm.

‘Will you marry me?’ – was the question, and the reply was a big, emphatic ‘YES!!!’.

“Uyi is the best thing that ever happened to me. What actually struck me about Uyi was his calmness, patience and intelligence; He’s like the water to my fire, the ice to my heat. When my parents met him, they didn’t object the relationship. I have had a lot of pleasant memories since I met him but the day he proposed is still the best day of my life. If I was to get married all over again, I will choose him a million times”, the exhilarated-bride-to-be shared.

On the part of the groom, he revealed that when he saw her, she captivated him and after a brief conversation with her, his guts told him instantly that he had found his missing rib.

“I had no doubts about her though but when my family and friends met her, they immediately fell in love with her and I became so sure that this is the right thing to do. She’s one in a million kind of woman; a woman any man will be lucky to have”, he said with a big grin on his face.

Soon, the couple was called in and in front of family and close friends; they swore an oath to commence a timeless journey with one another. After the registry, the traditional wedding followed at Country home, Sapele road and the church wedding is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 23rd of June, at Christ Apostolic Church, Ugbowo. The reception, where invited guests and the couple would presumably ‘dig it’ on the dance floor, is going to take place at St Albert Catholic Church inside the University of Benin, Ugbowo campus.

The couple refused to disclose to Bloomshire exactly where they would be spending their honeymoon but with the looks on their faces, we could tell they have a lot of interesting things planned out.

Story by Adamson Falilat

Aba Festival, Igara

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